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Current Programs & Services Available 2021-2022

Here are the programs and services LTL continues to provide during COVID-19.

Please note that all services and programs continue to be conducted virtually on a secure ZOOM Healthcare platform (HIPAA compliant) until further notice.

Short-Term Grief Counselling

Short-term grief counselling support is provided by experienced registered clinical counsellors and available to eligible youth between the ages of 12-24. Download the referral form below.

LTL Referral Form 2021
Download PDF • 87KB

Learning Through Loss Group Program (LLGP)

This specialized small group eight-week program is facilitated by a registered clinical counsellor and co-facilitator are for youth who are struggling with grief and loss. These groups provide a safe place to connect with peers, gain invaluable support, and most importantly, find strength and hope in their own resilience and capacity to survive, adapt, and grow through loss. Groups are booked by age. To refer a youth for this program, download the LTL Group Program Referral form below.

LTL Referral Form
Download PDF • 276KB

Good Grief Workshops (GGWs)

These interactive one-hour workshops support school districts to provide grief education. Through discussions, experiential activities, personal reflection, and an educational video, youth are encouraged to explore what grief is and the different types of losses that they may experience. These workshops are available in person beginning fall 2021. To request a GGW, please send an email to

Community Education Workshops (CEWs)

CEWs are Good Grief Workshops for adults. Ideal for parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, neighbours, and teachers, CEWs are for those who want to learn about grief and loss in youth and how to support those who are grieving. These workshops are 90 minutes in length and include Q & A at the end.  Available via ZOOM, if you are interested in attending, please check our website for upcoming dates:

Supporting Youth Workshops (SYWs)

These half-day workshops are designed for youth serving professionals, teachers and counsellors who would like to learn more about how to recognize and support youth through grief and loss. The workshop goals are to increase your knowledge and awareness of the significance of youth grief and loss, to provide you with an experiential understanding of the Learning Through Loss approach to supporting youth through their grief and loss and to provide you with the tools to assist you in supporting the youth you work with who are responding to their grief and loss. Booked by request, these workshops are offered virtually. To inquire about costs and/or to schedule this workshop, email

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