Friends of Living and Learning Through Loss understand that everyone will experience loss in their lives and we know that for youth, this can be a particularly vulnerable time to navigate the challenges of grief, loss and bereavement. Our workshops and programs are designed to provide youth, and those who work with them, the tools and skills to learn how to manage grief and loss in healthy, life-affirming ways. The success of our work is based on a model of peer support, understanding, compassion, connection and learning.

Good Grief Workshop - In Schools

With the understanding that everyone will experience loss and that managing grief is an essential life-skill, the Good Grief Workshop provides education to all young people. In this one-hour workshop, the facilitator opens dialogue with youth in schools and community programs about loss and the process of grief that follows.

Through partner discussions, experiential activities, personal reflection, and an educational video of four young people sharing their stories, youth are encouraged to explore what grief is and different types of losses that they may experience.

Topics covered include: 
1.    Different responses one may have to loss
2.    How to recognize grief in self and others
3.    How to express one’s feelings
4.    When to ask for help
5.    Common coping skills and strategies for healing


Offered virtually through our secured Zoom Healthcare platform during COVID-19.


Learning Through Loss Group Program

The Learning Loss Group Program is an eight-week, sixteen hour peer support group that provides a safe place for youth who have been impacted by loss or significant change to find the support and resources to navigate and manage their grief.

In this program, our registered clinical counselor uses proven curriculum and experiential activities to create an open, supportive environment that promotes individual sharing of ideas and feelings regarding the universal experiences of death and loss.


The goals of the program are to:


  1. Assist youth in developing an understanding and awareness of normal responses to loss;

  2. Identify and enhance coping skills to help deal with grief and loss;

  3. Integrate the loss in a meaningful way, and move forward with new hope and purpose.


Community Education Workshops

We are committed to increasing the capacity in our communities to respond effectively to youth who are experiencing grief and loss. The goal of our Community Education Workshop is to give family members, friends, teachers and anyone who works with youth an opportunity to learn about the grief in youth and how to support healthy coping and awareness around the grief process.

Our counsellor/facilitators are committed to ongoing professional development in the areas of counselling, experiential learning, and grief and trauma, to provide the community with evidence based knowledge and practices in providing grief support to youth.

Here are some of LTL's offerings:

Community Education – 1.5-hour workshop for parents, grandparents, friends, neighbours, caregivers, and youth-workers.

Learning Through Loss Group Program – 2 hours x 8 weeks peer group support for youth needing more targeted support in managing their personal grief and loss with peers experiencing the same.

Supporting Youth Workshop – 3-5-hour training for youth-serving professionals (social workers, hospice practitioners, counsellors, teachers, youth workers, facilitators).

Short-Term Grief Counselling

Short-term grief counselling support is provided by registered clinical counsellors and available to eligible youth between the ages of 13-24 by referral. Youth can self-refer.
Counselling provides individual support to youth experiencing grief and loss who can benefit from targeted individual counselling. 

Please note LTL does not provide complex trauma services.


The goals of counselling are to:


  1. Assist youth in developing an understanding and awareness of normal responses to loss;

  2. Identify and enhance coping skills to help deal with grief and loss;

  3. Integrate the loss in a meaningful way, moving forward with new hope and purpose.

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