What Youth Have Said About Learning Through Loss

"I have experienced quite a bit of grief and loss in my life and I never thought twice about how it has affected me. My counsellor has helped me through a lot." 

"Attending the program not only made me realize and help me understand my grief and loss, but that everyone deals with it differently. They helped me understand how my own emotions worked, how I could realize when I was about to breakdown or get upset and angry, and what I could do to calm myself down. I also learned how I mask my own emotions."

"I learned from the group is that I’m not alone. A lot of people in my group are going through the same thing. Everyone shows emotions differently and I learned how to recognize that as well. I will admit I was not certain of going to the group because I was afraid I would be out of place or embarrassed about sharing my experiences. But I soon learned, you only share what you feel is comfortable for you."

"Group was amazing and I learned so much. I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would. Having the people around you to share and reflect and just to take a couple hours out of the week really helped me with not only my grief and loss but a lot of other things I didn’t understand about myself. If you ever get a chance to be a part of this group, I highly suggest you grab the opportunity! If you are a creator, funder, or even supporter of this group I greatly appreciate all the time, effort, and financial resources. Thank you so much for everything."


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