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You don't need to grieve alone

Join our Light in the Dark Youth Community. 

Who we are and what we


Helping grieving youth

in the Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island!

It takes a village to raise young people

Be the difference you wish

to see

Learn what grief does and how to

manage it


Loss and grief are inevitable. Suffering alone is not.

In just one year, over 203,000 of 7.5 million Canadian children under 18
will experience the death of someone in their extended family.


Almost 40,000 will experience the death of a parent or a sibling who live in their home.

Through our programs, workshops and counselling services, Learning Through Loss (LTL)

reach's hundreds of youth each year.

Our Programs

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Good Grief
Education Workshop

Classroom education on essential grief skills for students grades 4 -12.


Learning Through Loss

Group Program

Eight-week loss support groups for youth ages 13-24 years old. 

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Education & Training

Education and professional development for youth-serving orgs, counsellors, teachers, parents and youth workers.

Did you know ...

Without the right tools grief transforms into anger and causes family conflicts.

Image by Hajran Pambudi

"I learned that, with grief, you have to take it one day at a time and learn how to find happiness amid of heartbreak"

-Adrienne C. Moore

The biggest myth is grief and loss are limited to the death of a family member or friend. Grief & loss can come from many different events​

  • Parents divorcing, relationship breakup, estrangement

  • Relocating to a new home, school, or neighbourhood 

  • Illness, loss of physical or mental health 

  • Cultural identity and language loss

  • Any event that causes significant and/or abrupt change

Grief & Loss

Home - Learning Through Loss: Support in Grief & Loss

Our Funders

Thanks to our kind and supportive funding partners and donors, our workshops, programs and support services are available to youth, their families and youth-serving professionals across southern Vancouver Island.

Founders- Learning Through Loss: Support in Grief & Loss

Support Youth in Need 

Every donation counts and goes a long way!

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