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Programs & Services 

Ages of 13-24


Virtually every young person you know is experiencing
some form of
loss and grief


Death | Illness & Injury | Family & Relationship Break Ups  
Loss of Family & Housing Security
Newcomers Loss of Connection
Intergenerational Grief Indigenous and People of Colour

Climate & Societal Grief

These are the types of losses that young people face everyday in our community.
Everyone experiences loss, but for teens and young adults, the process can particularly difficult.
At Learning Through Loss, you'll find understanding, caring and community.

Learning Though Loss works with your school or agency to create
a holistic and integrated approach to youth loss and grief support.

Let's work together to provide the wrap around care young people need. 

Discover how you and your school/agency can support youth through loss and grief.

Young people need a circle of supportive adults who understand the impacts of loss and grief
and know how how to help in caring ways. 


Good Grief Classroom
& Youth Gathering 


"Loss and grief happens to everyone, but nobody talks to us about it, so we're unprepared when it happens" 

Student feedback

Delivered in classrooms and community agency gatherings, 
Good Grief workshops run 1 - 1.5 hours. During these interactive
sessions. Youth learn about...

  • Different loss experiences they may have that lead to grief.

  • Myths of loss and grief

  • How grief feels in mind and body

  • Healthy coping strategies

  • Being a kind and empathetic friend to someone experiencing grief

  • How to reach out if they need if they need support

  • What they can do if they volunteer and get involved.

LTL workshops are delivered by our caring team of facilitators and counsellors.

Good Grief Peer Support
Group Programs

Have youths in your school or community experienced a traumatic loss for which they need support?


Learning Through Loss works in collaboration with schools and community agencies to provide 8-week group programs to support youth who have experienced an impactful loss, like the death of a student, teacher or someone close to the school community.

You bring together the youth and support their participation and we'll bring a registered clinical counsellor/facilitator to listen and guide them on the journey of navigating grief in healthy ways.

Each session is 2-hours long, includes interactive activities and
can take place at school during or after classroom hours. 


Light in the Dark Youth Membership

Not about us, without us.


Young people tell us that there is healing in supporting others and that they want to be active participants in helping themselves, their peers and creating a more empathetic school environment where people don't feel alone. 


Learning Through Loss works in collaboration with your school's student councils, including them in the development of loss and grief support events that are meaningful for them.

Youth earn volunteer hours that contribute to their graduation requirements and gain skills that help shape their future goals, all while developing their own coping strategies, building empathy and having fun along the way. 

No Charge Short-Term
Online Grief Counselling

Do you work with youth who are having a difficult time coping with a loss and grief?


LTL's Short-Term Grief Counselling provided up to 12 sessions with registered clinical counsellors and is available to teens and young adults ages of 13-24, who live in British Columbia.


Counselling provides one-on-one support, provides a safe and confidential space to express their feelings. Our counsellors specialize in supporting to youth experiencing grief and loss. They're ready to listen, acknowledge and offer coping strategies to help them manage your grief in healthy ways.

No traveling necessary. Counselling services are offered virtually to make them easily accessible. Youth meet from the comfort of their room or other private space.

Click here to learn more about our Counsellors. Then click the button below to complete a counselling referral request on behalf of a student. If youth find a counsellor who they think would be a particularly good fit for them, please feel free to request that counsellor in the last question of the form. Counsellors usually reach out within 2 weeks. 


Youth age 14 and older may also self-refer. 

Woman with Laptop
Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Supporting Youth Through Loss & Grief Workshops for 
Parent Advisory Councils

Educating parents and families, so youth have the support they need when they're not at school.


These 1-1.5 hour workshops may be presented at a PAC meeting or virtually to give parents the comfort and convenience of participating from home. During these interactive sessions parents and adult family members discover:

  • How grief may show up for youth of different ages

  • The myths of grief that get in the way of healthy healing

  • Why not talking about it makes it worse

  • How to support a young person who is experiencing the difficult challenges of loss and grief

  • Avoiding inadvertently causing additional harm

  • How to access programs and no-charge/by donation counselling support for a youth who is having a hard time dealing with a loss.

While understanding the impacts of youth loss and grief is always important for supporting a healthy transition into adulthood, these workshops are particularly valuable for communities that have faced a recent traumatic loss. 

LTL Youth Members are supported by our caring team
of facilitators and counsellors.

Leading Youth Through
Loss & Grief

Professional Development
for Educators, Counsellors
& School Staff

When grieving youth come to you for help,
you'll be prepared
to provide informed support


Learning Through Loss customizes professional development programs for your team. We provide:

1-1.5 hour Lunch & Learn workshops, ideally suited for the whole team, including school leaders, educational assistants and admin staff, 

More comprehensive 3 hour workshops for educators are a great addition to teacher professional development that provide a deeper understanding of how they can champion an integrated loss and grief strategy for their school


Full-day training for counsellors prepares them to provide a deeper ability to support youth. Full day training topics include:

  • Structuring safety

  • Meaning and purpose of grief

  • Complexities of losses: meaning, primary/secondary, tangible/intangible, disenfranchised loss

  • Overview of grief theory

  • Pathways through Grief model and educational/assessment tool

  • Developmentally informed approach

  • Response-based support: attentive language, agency and resilience, positive social responses

  • Self-assessment and awareness tools

  • Life areas impacted by grief and healing resources

  • Promoting healthy coping and resourcing

Training course

Support Youth in Need 

Every donation counts and goes a long way!

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