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Programs & Services 

Ages of 13-24


You are not alone. We provide safe spaces for grieving youth.


Death | Illness & Injury | Family & Relationship Break Ups | Loss of Family & Housing Security
Newcomers Loss of Connection
| Indigenous and Persons of Colour Intergenerational Loss

Climate & Societal Grief

These are the types of losses that young people face everyday in our community.
Everyone experiences loss, but for teens and young adults, the process can particularly difficult.
At Learning Through Loss, you'll find understanding, caring and community.

We're here to help you find light in the dark of grief.

What young people liked about connecting with us

"Being able to hear
the stories of fellow
grieving people and share
my own. It was comforting
to know of other youth
who have had to deal
with similar grief".

"The welcoming
and the general
demeanor of
the counsellors".

"How motivational
and inspiring the
counsellors were".

"The feeling of
being safe".

No Charge
Short-Term Grief Counselling

Are you having a difficult time coping with the impact of a loss in your life? You're not alone.


LTL's Short-Term Grief Counselling is provided by registered clinical counsellors and is available to teens and young adults ages of 13-24, who live in British Columbia.


Counselling provides one-on-one support, gives you a safe space to express you feelings. Our counsellors specialize in supporting to youth experiencing grief and loss. They're ready to listen, acknowledge and offer coping strategies to help you manage your grief in healthy ways.

No traveling necessary. Meet from the comfort of your room or other private space. Counselling services are offered virtually to make them easily accessible.

Click here to learn more about our Counsellors. Then click the button below to complete your counselling referral request. If you find a counsellor who you think would be a particularly good fit for you, please feel free to request them in the last question of the form. 

Counsellors usually reach out within 2 weeks. 

Image by Wes Hicks
Sharing Pizza

Find Light in the Dark

Sometimes, don't you with you could just hang out with a group of people who get what you're going through? Join us, you're not alone!


Find Light in the Dark Get-Togethers are an opportunity to get together with other young people at various stages of healing from loss in a chill no pressure way. 

Light in the Dark Members contribute ideas for the themes of the, movies, yoga, dance and more.

During the gathering our facilitators will offer some insights about loss and grief and coping strategies. You can reach out to them if you feel like you could use some additional support. 

Not about you, without you. We invite your creativity to find healing.
Let's break the cycle of isolation. Join us and get together so you don't need to grieve alone. 

LTL Get-Togethers are supported by our caring team
of facilitators and c

Learning Through Loss
Find Light in the Dark
Youth Membership

Do you feel like nobody understands your grief and what you're going through? Join us, you're not alone!


Learning Through Loss is starting Youth Membership Program. Young people, tell us that they need a sense of community that goes beyond workshops and counselling. They want to connect with young people, not to necessarily share their stories of grief, but to just be in a safe space where others get it. Where it feels normal to gather for support doing fun and interactive activities like movies, art, dance, yoga. You help us set the agendas.

Gain volunteer hours needed to graduate while finding
and supporting loss and grief healing

We'll work with you to rally your school's student action committees, teachers  counsellors and parents  to build a stronger community circle that provides wrap around support to young people experiencing loss and grief.

Not about you, without you. 
We invite your creativity to find healing.
Let's break the cycle of isolation. Join us and let's get together so you don't need to grieve alone. 

LTL Youth Members are supported by our caring team
of facilitators and counsellors.


Support Youth in Need 

Every donation counts and goes a long way!

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